Unchecky : Prevent Accidental Unwanted Software Installation

When you download software from the Internet, sometimes it comes bundled with unwanted toolbars and other freely offered programs. These extra bundled software are not needed for the main program to work and end up making your system bulkier and sluggish. If you are not careful during the installation of the main software, then you usually end up having multiple toolbars and browser add-ons in your computer. In order to keep your computer free from these unwanted programs, you have only two options – either be very careful during the installation and uncheck the checkboxes that read “I agree to install crapware”, or you can use the free Unchecky program which automatically unchecks the options related to unwanted software installation.

You can download the Unchecky software from the website of RaMMicHaeL who is the developer of this clever software. The download is available in form of an installer. During the installation, it installs a service which monitors all the installations in your computer. You can access the Unchecky options from its Start Menu shortcut. Here you can choose to disable or enable this Unchecky service.


When Unchecky service is running and you try to install a software which comes bundled with some sort of unwanted program, Unchecky automatically takes the proper action and deselects the check boxes for unwanted offers and shuts down the unwanted installers launched in the background. If you accidentally select the offer, then Unchecky issues a warning that you are about to install a potentially unwanted program and you are given options not to install it or to proceed with the installation.


I tested Unhcekct with WinZip and AxCrypt installers. When I tried to install WinZip, which comes bundled with random software offers, Unchecky showed up a warning. When I tried to install AxCrypt, which comes with OpenCandy, I did not see anything and the installation was finished without any problem. I guess Unchecky closed the OpenCandy offer in the background.

Unchecky is definitely a very useful software for Windows users who keep installing software downloaded from the Internet. It can protect your PC from the unwanted toolbars and potentially unwanted programs.

You can download Unchecky from http://unchecky.com/.