3DP Chip Helps You Find Correct Drivers for Newly Formatted PC

The final solution of many Windows PC problems is often found by formatting the hard disk and re-installing Windows all over again. For example, if your Windows PC gets infected by a dangerous rootkit malware, then all the security experts ubiquitously tell you to format the hard disk and re-install the operating system. But once you have formatted your PC and re-installed Windows, often it does not seem to work as you had expected, simply because it lacks the basic device drivers. The freeware 3DP Chip application allows you to search, download and install basic device drivers related to your motherboard chipset, ethernet LAN and the graphics chip, so that you can start using your freshly installed Windows operating system without any trouble.

You can get 3DP Chip and 3DP Net from the 3DP Chip website. The 3DP Net is a unified ethernet driver that supports most of the ethernet LAN cards, helping you to quickly start using the internet through your ethernet port. The 3DP Chip is  the software which allows you to quickly download supported drivers for your motherboard chipset, graphics card, sound card etc. If you do not have internet connection in your PC because ethernet LAN is not working, then you should first 3DP Net to install ethernet drivers so that you can get online.

3DP Chip & 3DP Net

The 3DP Chip software has a very neat and easy-to-use interface. As you run it, you are shown the information about the detected hardware installed in your machine. If you want to download the latest device drivers for a particular hardware component, then you can click on it in the 3DP Chip window. This would open a web browser window where you can select the drivers for your version of Windows. For example, I clicked on Video Card and it opened up a new browser window where I could select between Windows XP/2003 and Windows Vista/7/8 and later between 32-bit or 64-bit editions. Followed by this, it displayed the download links for full driver downloads.

3DP Chip & 3DP Net

Conclusion: The 3DP Chip driver finder application makes it very easy to find the correct drivers for various components in your PC. You no longer have to doubt whether you are downloading the appropriate drivers for your system and whether the driver you downloaded was the latest version or not.

You can download 3DP Chip from http://www.3dpchip.com/.