Download & Install Google Glass Font in Windows, Linux and Mac

The Google Glass is a new revolutionary technology from Google. These are basically hybrid sunglasses which come in two variations – without any glasses and with sunglasses. They not only act as sunglasses (if you get the second variation) but also have advanced head mounted display technology built inside them allowing you record what you see, take a picture, share what you are seeing with your friends, send a message, view driving directions, translate your voice and more. While you may not be able to get Google Glass yet, you can get the Google Glass font and install it in your operating system to spruce it up a little.

The Google Glass logo uses a special font which contains a slouched ‘A’ containing no joining line in the middle. Despite the fact the Glass font is designed by Google and has not been publicly released, it has not stopped the enthusiasts to develop their own Glass fonts. A designed named Curtis Mack has designed a font named Arural which is reminiscent of the Google Glass logo font.

Arural Google Glass Logo Font

You can download it from the DaFont website. The download file is a ZIP archive which contains a TTF file which can be used to install this font in Windows, Linux and Mac. Typically in Windows, you have to copy the arural.ttf file to C:\Windows\Fonts directory, in Mac you have to copy this file to \Libraries\Fonts\ folder and in Linux you can copy the font file to the /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ folder. In all the operating systems, you can also double-click on the font file and click on the Install button in the Font Viewer app.

You can download the Arural font which looks like the Google Glass logo font from


    1. In my opinion it looks strikingly similar. But of course, it is not the same font used by Google, so there would be some differences.

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