Add Christmas Countdown Timers to Windows Desktop

I am sure many of you have already started to hum the Christmas carols or one of those popular Christmas songs. And why not, its the only time in the whole year when you get to celebrate this wonderful time with your family and friends. But some of us get so busy with our work that we tend to forget that we have to buy Christmas presents for your loved ones. If your profession involves working on a Windows computer, then you can easily take care of your forgetfulness with the help of cool Christmas countdown reminders from the Drive Software.

These great looking Christmas countdown reminders are small programs that stay on your desktop and keep telling you the number of days left in the coming of the Christmas day. There are three different types of reminders – Christmas in New York, Christmas in Village and Christmas in Prague. You can download any of these programs, extract the contents to a folder and run the program. All three of them work similarly.

Christmas Countdown

Upon launching the program, you would see a cool looking Christmas animation on your desktop with snow falling down. The picture background is different for different locations (New York, Prague and the village) but the day/night animations are similar. The Sun keeps moving in the background in the day time and the stars twinkle in the sky at the night time – giving a very eye pleasing experience. And obviously, it shows the number of days left to the Christmas day.

Because most of us look forward to celebrate the holidays together (Christmas day and the New Year – one followed by another), this application can be easily configured to count the days to the New Year or to the Julian Christmas day (Christmas day according to the revised Julian calendar) as well. All you have to do is right-click on the countdown reminder window and select Countdown and then one of the Christmas, New Year or the Julian Christmas as shown.

Christmas Countdown

There are other options too that you can set through the right-clicking over the animation window. For example, you can set the transparency level, toggle snow on/off, choose to start it with Windows, toggle the countdown of days on or off etc.

The Christmas Countdowns are small delights to your eyes that stay on your desktop and show the countdown of days left to the Christmas day. You can use them as desktop decorations or as reminders so you do not forget to buy Christmas presents or wish your loves ones a merry Christmas day.

You can download the Christmas Countdown reminders from


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