Google Santa Tracker : Track Santa’s Activities Till the Christmas Day

Santa has personally contacted Google this year to share his technology with all the kids around the world. And Google wasted no time in creating a fabulous web app called the Santa Tracker – showcasing the reliable technology from the Santa’s village. All the steps Santa takes to get ready for the Christmas Day are shown on this web app (also Android app is available for free). As you visit this web app in your browser, you will learn new things about how Santa prepares his elves, reindeers and the gifts for you. By the way, it also shows the time left for the Christmas Day to arrive.

The web app can be reached at in any of your web browsers on any of the devices. If you are a kid yourself, then you do not need any directions –  if you are confused about something, you can ask one of the elves there, they are very helpful. If you are one of the parents, then you can also see elves hard at work.

Google Santa Tracker

Every day a new technology from Santa’s house is unlocked. Today is 6th of December, so you can view only six different things that Santa and elves are doing. You can visit Santa Tracker everyday to find new inventions from the Santa’s village.

You can enjoy watching what elves are doing from the 1st December to the 23rd December. And when the Christmas Eve arrives, the Google Santa Tracker comes into real action – it keeps a close watch on Santa’s whereabouts. Where Santa goes in the world is shared with you on the Christmas Eve. The tracking of Santa in real time works only after 2 A.M. on the 24th December.

You may think what a waste of app if tracking works only after 2 A.M. But remember Santa goes around the worldwide, so there are different time zones and you can see Santa as he visits kids in other countries.

According to latest news from Google, the elves are very friendly and all the kids are invited to explore Santa’s village while Santa gets ready for his journey. There are many interesting elves, reindeers and fun activities and they are all waiting for you.

You can visit the Google Santa Tracker at