Easily Allow, Block or Remove Programs in Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall is a firewall that comes inbuilt in Windows since the times of Windows XP. Over the time it has improved and become more robust than the previous versions. But it is still not as easy to use as some other commercial firewall products like ZoneAlarm or Outpost. If you want to block a program in Windows, then you would have to open the Windows Firewall interface and go through a rigmarole in order to finally block that application as is evident from our previously published article about how you can block a program in Windows Firewall. But if you want to easily allow, block or remove  a program in Windows Firewall then you can use the “Tweaking.com – (Right Click) Allow, Block or Remove – Windows Firewall” enhancement for Windows. This Windows Explorer extension adds a new right-click context-menu so that you can right-click on any program and allow, block or remove it from the Windows Firewall very easily.

The download for “Tweaking.com – (Right Click) Allow, Block or Remove – Windows Firewall” is available as a portable application. After extracting the files from the downloaded ZIP archive, you can run Right_Click_Options.exe. This little utility allows you to add or remove the right-click extension in Windows Explorer. To add the context-menu, just click on the Add Right-Click Menu in the window that opens up.

Tweaking.com - (Right Click) Allow, Block or Remove - Windows Firewall

After this, you can easily block, allow or remove any program from Windows Firewall. To perform any of these operations for a program, you can right-click on that program’s file (for example, firefox.exe) and then select one of the options from Tweaking.com – Windows Firewall sub-menu.

Tweaking.com - (Right Click) Allow, Block or Remove - Windows Firewall

As you can guess, there are three options in the sub-menu – block, allow and remove. As you select any of these options, changes shall be made in the Windows Firewall (A UAC dialog may be displayed depending on the version of Windows that you are using and your Windows configuration). After making the changes, it will display an informational message box for confirmation.

Tweaking.com - (Right Click) Allow, Block or Remove - Windows Firewall

The “Tweaking.com – (Right Click) Allow, Block or Remove – Windows Firewall” makes allowing or blocking programs in Windows Firewall ridiculously easy. It adds the options in the right-click context menu, so you can manage programs in Windows Firewall quickly just by right-clicking on them. It is definitely a must-to-have utility for all the Windows users.

You can download “Tweaking.com – (Right Click) Allow, Block or Remove – Windows Firewall” from http://www.tweaking.com/.