Trend Micro RUBotted : Free Protection From Botnet Malware

Bots are special category of malware which take control of your computer and add it to a bot network called botnet in short. The botnet masters (cyber criminals) who control these botnets can give any command for your bot-controlled PC to perform. They can make your PC to send email, read your files, see which sites you visit, take part in a DDoS attack, and also steal your financial information. If your computer is infected with such a bot malware, then you are in big trouble. But now staying protected from bots has become very easy using the free Trend Micro RUButted software. RUBotted is a free program that keeps on the lookout for any bot related activity on your PC and alerts you if it detects any.

You can download RUBotted from the Trend Micro free tools website. The download is a setup installer which helps you install RUBotted on your system. It also includes WinPcap installer which is necessary to capture your network traffic. RUBotted uses WinPcap to analyze your network traffic and identify any bot related conversations.

After installation of RUBotted, you have to do nothing simply because there is nothing to do – no settings, no scheduling, no scanning – nothing. RUBotted just installs an icon in the Windows system tray and keeps scanning your network packets for any suspicious activity that could involve a botnet command. If it finds any such activity then it shows an alert on your system.

Trend Micro RUBotted

At any point of time, you can double-click on the RUBotted icon in the notification area and it will show you the console window. In the console window, the status of bot activity along with a full log is shown. If you see a green checkmark in the console window, then you can are safe. But if it actually detects a bot malware present on your system, then it alerts you and asks you to scan your PC with Trend Micro HouseCall.

Trend Micro RUBotted

Trend Micro RUBotted can detect not only the known botnet malware like Zeus, SpyEye, Koobface, Waledac etc., but also new unknown variants of the known botnet families.

Trend Micro RUBotted is a free and simple botnet protection tool for Windows users. It can be used along with any other security product installed on your PC. It  provides an easy and simple way to detect and remove any bot malware from your computer.

You can download Trend Micro RUBotted from