Catzilla : Benchmark Your Computer’s Gaming Power

Catzilla is a very comprehensive benchmarking tool that stresses your PC for its graphics handling capacities. While there are many benchmarking programs that can tell you about the performance of your gaming PC, the Catzilla benchmarking tool is unique in the way it tests your hardware. Catzilla does not test your hardware step by step for different types of performances, but it runs a real-time animation sequence that stresses your PC as a real computer game would do. This way Catzilla is able to accurately rate your PC for its gaming performance. If you want to play one of the latest PC games on your PC, then you can use Catzilla to see if your system is good enough to play that game.

You can download Catzilla from their website. The download is around 500 megabytes in size and is supported only on Windows XP and above. After launching Catzilla, you can select a game from the list to know if your system can handle its graphics requirements. Then you can click on the Run All Benchmark button to start the test.

Catzilla Benchmarking

This would launch an animation sequence where a cat turns into a Catzilla and starts destroying all the buildings with laser eyes. The sequence tries to use your system graphics capabilities to their maximum. In the end, it will rate your system as Kitty, Cat, Tiger or Catzilla.

Catzilla Benchmarking

If your system gets a lower rating than is needed to the play the game, it shows you a message that you need to update your system. It also suggests what kind of graphics card you should be investing in before you can play the selected game.

Catzilla is a great and fun benchmarking tool for game lovers. If you are planning to buy a new computer game for your PC, then you should first test your PC for that game and make sure your computer gets the proper rating.

You can download Catzilla from