Check LCD Screen For Dead or Stuck Pixels with IsMyLcdOk

A few months ago when my friend Deb bought her new laptop from a popular online store, she found out that there were some constant black dots in the screen. These dots stayed no matter what was on the screen. She tried to clean the screen with a lint-free cloth soaked in water, but these dots would not go. When she told me about this problem, I immediately concluded that these were dead pixels – small portions of her notebook’s screen was dead. When she complained, the online shopping site offered her a full replacement and everything went okay.

It is very important to look for defects in the screens of laptops or desktop computers you buy offline or online, so that you can ask for a replacement as soon as possible. If your computer screen has never-changing black, white or another color spots – then it has dead or stuck pixels problem and it is going to get worse over time. Some of these pixels are hard to notice during regular PC usage.

If you want to find whether your LCD/LED screen is okay, then you should use the freeware program called IsMyLcdOk. This program has many tests that can help you easily spot the dead pixels on your screen. For example, it can fill your screen with black color, white color or other colors to spot dead or stuck pixels of contrasting colors. It can display horizontal lines, vertical lines, horizontal gradients or vertical gradients. When these are being shown on your screen, you have to notice any pixel that stays unchanged – that pixel is either dead pixel or a stuck pixel.

Is My LCD Ok?

The IsMyLcdOk program offers to run all these tests using different keys on your keyboard. But if you want, then you can keep pressing the Space key on your keyboard and it will keep running the tests one after another. In order to close the program you can press the Esc key on your keyboard.

IsMyLcdOk is a small, portable program that allows you to easily find and locate dead or stuck pixels on your LCD screen. This program is the first thing you should run on a newly bought computer so that you can find the dead or stuck pixels on its screen as early as possible and then can ask for replacement.

You can download IsMyLcdOk from