Generate Strong Passwords with Norton Identity Safe Password Generator

You will not believe this but there are hundreds and thousands of people in the world who use passwords like 123456, logmein, letmein, password, qwerty, abcdef etc., for their email accounts, bank accounts and other online services. These passwords are not only easy to guess but give a general idea to the hacker that you are not very thoughtful about your online security – encouraging the hackers to explore further into your system. Once a system is compromised, usually the hackers proceed to break into other services as well. The first step towards securing your online world is to create and use very strong passwords. If you find it difficult to think of a good secure password, then you can use the Norton Identity Safe Password Generator which is an online password generating app that can produce very strong passwords for you to use.

The basic guidelines for a strong passwords are that it should be more than 8 characters in length, should use both uppercase and lowercase letters, should contain numerals and at least one of the punctuation signs. The Norton Identity Safe Password Generator provides you with all these options and allows you to customize your password as you please without compromising on its security level.

In order to use the Norton Identity Safe Password Generator, you can visit the Norton Identity Safe website and select Password Generator from the menu. The Password Generator shows you options for including letters, including mixed case (both uppercase and lowercase), including punctuation (characters like colon, semi-colon, comma, brackets etc.) in your password and setting the password length (length can be between 4 and 32). You should choose a password length of more than 8 characters for stronger passwords.

Norton Identity Safe Password Generator

Once you have set these options, you can choose how many passwords you want to generate. You should select a large quantity like 30 or 40 passwords to be generated so that you can choose one of them as you please. Clicking on the Generate Passwords button would quickly generate the passwords and show you the list from which you can choose any password that you like.

If you want to stay safe and secure online, then why not start with creating strong passwords? Norton Identity Safe Password Generator allows you to create very strong and impossible-to-crack passwords easily.

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