CookieSpy : Manage Cookies in All Your Browsers

Cookies are small data files stored in your web browser by websites. These cookies are usually very useful and help enhance the web site usage experience. But some websites use cookies to track browsing information and such cookies are not often welcome by users. You can go from one web browser to another to delete cookies through their different settings window. But if you use the CookieSpy, then you can manage all the cookies in all the web browsers from a single interface. CookieSpy is a free cookies manager application for Windows and supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Maxthon and many other web browsers.

You can download and install CookieSpy from the CookieSpy website. The download is just a bootstrapper which further downloads a larger setup file before the installation is finally completed. After this, you can run it from its desktop or Start Menu shortcut.


The user interface for CookieSpy is very simple. It has one tab dedicated for each of the detected web browsers. In each tab a list of detected cookies is shown along with their name, path, domain, value and expiry date. You can see the value of the cookies, but the data is usually meaningful to the websites or webmasters only. For ordinary users, these cookies values in plain text carry no useful meaning.

If it does not detect any portable web browser, then you can click on the plus icon next to the tabs. This would open a new window where you can click on the portable web browser type – portable Firefox, portable Chrome, portable Opera, etc. Next you have to select the portable browser’s folder and it will be assigned a new tab showing all the cookies stored in it. However, when we tried selecting portable folder for Firefox, it failed to detect it.


Other than viewing the cookies for each of the web browsers on your system, it allows you to delete them or protect them. To delete one or more cookies, select them from the list and hit the Del key on your keyboard. You can also right-click on them and select Delete from the context-menu. Similarly, you can protect a cookie by right-clicking on it and selecting Protect. Protecting a cookie prevents it to be deleted by CookieSpy.


CookieSpy helps you view and delete cookies from all your web browsers in a single-click. It also allows you to keep some important cookies by protecting them from being deleted. For example, you can keep Google login cookie so that you do not have to login again and again to Google services. However, it does not interact with web browsers in real-time, when cookies are being stored – it just works with already stored cookies.

You can download CookieSpy from