Recover Lost & Deleted Files with Wondershare Data Recovery

It does not take much for you to lose your most valuable data. Just a single unintentional keystroke can lead to the accidental erasing of an entire folder of photos that you painstakingly shot on your vacation, birthday party or new years eve. Fortunately, the contents of the deleted files are still on your hard disk and these files can easily be restored in a few minutes using a specialized software like Wondershare Data Recovery. The Wondershare Data Recovery allows you to recover lost files not only from existing partitions, but also from any lost partitions too – this way you can recover files even if you have repartitioned your hard disk or have formatted your partitions.

Here are some of the features that Wondershare Data Recovery comes with:

  • Works with all types of file storage (USB drives, external hard disks, memory cards, iPods, mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3/MP4 players and more).
  • Allows you to retrieve files from formatted, inaccessible or corrupted partitions.
  • Allows you to preview files before you can restore them, enabling you to restore exactly the file that you really want to restore without wasting time on unwanted files.
  • Works in both standard and wizard modes, making it easy to use both for beginners and advanced users.
  • Can recover over 550 unique file formats through the deep scan and raw scan mode.

You can get the Wondershare Data Recovery from the Wondershare software website. The downloaded software can be installed very easily on all versions of Windows starting from Windows 2000 to Windows 10. You should not install it on the same partition from which you want to recover deleted files (doing this may overwrite the deleted file contents and can make recovery difficult). If your PC has only one partition (C:), then you should install it on an external hard disk (for hard drive data recovery) or a USB key.

After the installation, Wondershare Data Recovery can be launched from its desktop shortcut (or through the Search charm in Windows 8). It presents you with a wizard mode screen, but also gives you options to switch to the Standard mode. The wizard mode is highly suggested by us, being very easy to use. Clicking Next will take you to the next step in the wizard.

Wondershare Data Recovery

On the second screen in the wizard, you have to select which file types you want your hard disk to be scanned for. You can search for graphic files, audio or video files, office documents, email messages etc. You can also select to scan for all types of files, but choosing a particular type of file saves the scanning time.

Wondershare Data Recovery

The next screen asks you to choose a location that you want to be searched for the lost files. Here you can select a partition, the recycle bin, user profile folders (desktop and documents folder) or an external disk drive (like memory cards, USB keys, USB hard disks and such). If you have lost your partitions for some reason, then there is an option I can’t find my partitions that you can select.

Wondershare Data Recovery

Before the scanning is performed, it asks you whether you want to perform deep scan or raw file recovery. The deep scan function works well for formatted file recovery. The raw file recovery function should be used when regular scan fails to find anything. Both of these functions take longer time than the regular scan. You can click on the Start button to start the scanning.

Wondershare Data Recovery

After the scanning is finished, you are shown a list of files categorized by their file types. This can be a little confusing. You will see nothing in the right-side panel unless you select a category in the left and then select a file type. Only then you will see the deleted files which are ready to be recovered. Clicking on a file in the list will show its preview in the window. In order to restore the files, you can select them from the list and then click on the Recover button and choose a location where you want to save these files. Again, you should choose a different partition to save these recovered files to avoid data overwriting.

Wondershare Data Recovery

If you are an advanced user and do not want to use the wizard, then you can skip the wizard and go to the Standard mode. Here you can select a function from the four shown in the window – Lost File Recovery, Partition Recovery, Raw File Recovery and Resume Recovery. Ordinarily you would use the first option (Lost File Recovery), but if it fails to detect the desired files, you can use the Raw File Recovery function which takes longer time but scans through every byte of your hard disk increasing chances of data recovery.

Wondershare Data Recovery

The Partition Recovery function enables you to search files even if a partition is invisible(to Windows), corrupted, formatted or inaccessible. The Resume Recovery function saves your time when you have to scan large hard disks for lost files. Using this function you can pause a scan and then resume it later.

Conclusion: The Wondershare Data Recovery software helps you with fast, accurate and complete restoration of your deleted or lost files. It can recover files even if a partition is formatted, corrupted or inaccessible to Windows. Through the raw scan mode it can identify and recover over 550 different file types. It is definitely an ideal choice for all your data recovery needs.

You can download Wondershare Data Recovery from