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Most of the beginners panic at the thought of creating a website. They think that before they can start a website they should be proficient in all sorts of web designing languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, ASP etc., not to mention image editing programs like Adobe Photoshop. But I can tell you from my experience that even after having the knowledge of these technologies, you cannot jump start and create a fabulous looking website. The art of creating websites is learned with patience and hard practice. But if you do not want to become a professional web designer and just want to quickly create a personal website for your hobbies or a professional website for your business, then you can make use of the 1&1 MyWebsite templates. The 1&1 is a global web solutions company based in the United Kingdom and offers affordable web designing, domain registration, web hosting and e-commerce services.

If you want to kick-start your personal or business website, then you can make use of the hundreds of website templates offered by 1&1 MyWebsite package. If you are not a customer of 1&1, then you can sign-up with them without any worries as they offer 30 day money back guarantee.

1&1 MyWebsite

During the sign-up process, you have to supply your website’s title and a free domain name that you want to register (e.g., The website title can be changed later, but the domain name sticks forever.

After you have signed up with them, you can log in to your 1&1 MyWebsite account and then you can choose to customize your website by clicking on Edit Website and following on screen prompts. On the right side you would see a vertical panel in which you have to click on Layouts. This will open a gallery of hundreds of web site layouts available for your site. You can filter the displayed layouts by a search phrase which displays the related layouts best fitting for that phrase.

1&1 MyWebsite

Next, you may want to select a style setting for you. The style of a website defines the font type, font colors, background colors etc. In the Style section, you can choose a default scheme for your site – office, magazine, classic or newspaper. You can also customize the fonts and background colors as you wish.

1&1 MyWebsite

After choosing a layout template, it will open that template for you. This template is a dummy site template and contains some pages like Home, About Us etc. You may not need some of these pages and you may want to add your own pages. You can delete undesired pages in the website menu by selecting that page and clicking on the bin icon in the popover menu. Similarly, you can choose to add a new page by clicking on the plus icon, change the order of the pages by using the up and down icons and disable a page by clicking on the power icon.

1&1 MyWebsite

If you want to change the text of a paragraph or title, then you can click on those items to open the text editor where you can copy/paste the content from your pre-written material or type in your own content. The editing of every element in your website works in a similar way – click or select it and then an editor opens up where you can edit or add new items.

After you are done, you can click on the Save button usually displayed near the bottom edge of 1&1 MyWebsite designer. And then you can open your website address in a different web browser to see how it looks. If you do not like something, then you can always go back and edit it or add more content.

Conclusion: The 1&1 MyWebsite designer uses website templates to make it very easy for everyone to start their website in a jiffy. The website designs are highly optimized for SEO rankings in major search engines like Google, so you do not have to worry about any SEO tweaking. It also makes making changes a matter of seconds by just visiting your website, logging in to your 1&1 MyWebsite control panel and updating your website as you like it. The 1&1 MyWebsite can help you start your personal site or give your business a web presence in a few minutes.