Easy Encryption with Free fideAS File Safe Utility

Its not a thing of secrecy that everyone has one or more files that they do not want others to see. The basic social courtesy also demands the need to respect other people’s privacy. But not all people follow the common social conventions and try to poke their nose into the private and personal matters of others. With this sort of people nosing around everywhere, it becomes necessary to encrypt your personal files so that nobody else can view or open them even if they are able to somehow access them. If you want to encrypt your secret documents, then you can make use of the free fideAS File Safe utility which provides you with very simple encryption and decryption features.

You can get fideAS File Safe utility from the apsec software website. The download is available both in German and English versions. The download is less than two megabytes of portable application packed inside a compressed archive. You can extract the contents of this ZIP archive to a folder and double-click on the fileSafe.exe program to run it.

The File Safe window shows a very simple to use interface. All you have to do is select a file that you want to encrypt and click on the Encrypt button. If you have selected the New format option, then it will change the file extension for the encrypted file to .PBE.

fileAS file safe Encryption

As you click on the Encrypt button, it would ask for an encryption password. The username is already selected to be the filename that you are encrypting. You should select a strong password that you can remember easily. If you encrypt a file, but later forget the password then there is no possibility of recovering that file.

fileAS file safe Encryption

After the encryption is completed, it shows a confirmation message along with a prompt to ask you whether you want to delete the source file. If you respond with a “Yes”, then your original file is deleted and you are left with only an encrypted file.

The decryption works in a similar fashion. To decrypt the encrypted file, you select the encrypted .PBE file (you can also double-click on the .PBE file), click on the Decrypt button, enter the password and it will be decrypted.

You can also integrate fideAS File Safe in the Windows Explorer context-menu. To do this, you can right-click on the title bar of the fideAS File Safe window, select Explorer-Integration and it will be done. It should be mentioned that you must be running fideAS File Safe with administrator level privileges before you can integrate it in the Windows Explorer.

fileAS file safe Encryption

After the integration is done, you can right-click on almost any type of file and select fideAS ® file safe from the right-click context-menu to launch File Safe with that file auto-selected. This makes it very easy to encrypt or decrypt files very easily.

fileAS file safe Encryption

The  fideAS File Safe utility is a very useful, small and portable tool for encrypting and decrypting your files. It is very easy to use, works for all versions of Windows, and allows you to prevent unauthorized people from gaining access to your private data.

You can download fideAS File Safe from https://www.apsec.de/en/.