NVidia GeForce Experience : Make the Most of Your NVidia GPU

The GPU or the graphics card in your computer is used for all the computation needed for rendering what is displayed on your screen. Although primarily used by computer games like Battlefield, World of Warcraft, Need for Speed etc., modern operating systems (like Windows 8) also require good graphics cards to display the eye pleasing effects. There are only two major brands in the graphics cards industry – NVidia GeForce and AMD Radeon. There is a very high possibility that you have one of these two types of graphics cards in your system. If you do not know which graphics card your PC has, then you can use the free HWiNFO system analysis tool to find out.

If you are a proud owner of an NVidia GeForce GPU, then you can use the free NVidia GeForce Experience to optimize the computer games to make your GPU yield the best performance when you play them. It can also automatically update your display drivers and fine tune your GPU settings.

You can get the NVidia GeForce Experience software from the NVidia site. After the installation, you have to launch it either from the Start Menu or from the Charms search function in Windows 8. You must be online in order to use it. It takes a while before the NVidia GeForce Experience window is shown.

In the NVidia GeForce Experience window four sections are displayed. The first section Games displays all the popular games installed on your system. You can select one of the games from the left side list to see all the details for that game. Clicking on the Optimize button will instantly optimize the game settings so that it can be played with best possible performance using your graphics card.

NVidia GeForce Experience

Under the Drivers section, you can see all the NVidia display drivers installed on your system, view their details, see their update status, and also manually update them by clicking on the Check for Updates button. If you are using the default Microsoft supplied drivers, then these driver details are not displayed.


Under the My Rig section it displays all the hardware information about your PC (like RAM, CPU, GPU etc.) which is useful when determining if a PC is good for playing games. under the Preferences section, you can choose the update frequency, the items that should be updated, notifications and much more.


NVidia GeForce Experience can eliminate the need to optimize the game settings manually yourself and allows you to automatically adjust them so you can have the best gaming experience from your NVidia GPU. You no longer have to go through the complex settings yourself – now you can do what you want to do the most – enjoy playing games.

You can download NVidia GeForce Experience from http://www.geforce.com/geforce-experience.