Reconnect DSL Router Quickly with Router Reconnect

Everybody knows how to get a new IP address on their ADSL internet connection. Just switch it off, wait a few seconds and then switch it back on – and you get a new IP address, unless you have subscribed to a fixed IP internet connection. But this method requires you to manually turning the router on and off. In my case, I have installed the router in a different room and I access the Internet anywhere in the house over the Wi-Fi – so if I have to switch my router on and off, I have to do some walking, getting a chair, climbing up on it to reach the router and then finally flipping it off and on. This hard task is made very simple by the free Router Reconnect software. Router Reconnect lets you reconnect your router just by a simple double-click in your Windows computer.

You can get Router Reconnect from the site of its developer RPWorld. With Router Reconnect you can easily bring your router to dial afresh to the internet, without going through any complicated configurations of your ADSL router. It works with all the routers that support UPnP (Universal Plug and Play).

After downloading Router Reconnect you can extract its contents to your Windows desktop. Now when you are ready to reconnect your DSL router, all you have to do is double-click on RouterReconnect.exe file.

Router Reconnect

This will launch a CLI application that will search for any UPnP connected internet gateway devices with working internet connection. If it recognizes any of these devices it will try to send the disconnect signal to it. This would result in your connection getting disconnected and re-connected. Through this re-connection you get a different IP address from your ISP.

Router Reconnect

The Router Connect program is very helpful in many situations. For example, some websites limit the download quota per user based on their IP addresses. Using this tiny portable tool, you can quickly reconnect with your ADSL router and get a new IP address. It is also useful if you are having trouble with SNR  or line attenuation, reconnecting again may help you get a better SNR margin.

You can download RouterConnect from