Recover Lost or Deleted Files with EaseUS Mac Data Recovery Wizard

If you are biting your finger nails because your accidentally deleted the important files that you had prepared after burning the midnight oil, then there is some good news for you – your files can still be recovered. The EaseUS Mac Data Recovery Wizard can recover deleted or lost files from your hard disk in a matter of few seconds. It is available both for Windows and Mac computers alike. It is a free Mac data recovery software that supports data recovery on HFS+, NTFS, FAT16, FAT12 and NTFS5 file systems featuring four scanning and recovery modes.

If you have inadvertently deleted some files from your Mac computer, then the first thing you should do is – do not copy or move any files and download EaseUS Mac Data Recovery Wizard. The more file operations you perform on your hard disk after a file is deleted, the lesser are the chances to recover that deleted file. After you have setup the software on your PC, you can launch it from its icon in the Applications. On the start screen, you can click on the Start a new scan button to start the new scan.

EaseUS Mac Data Recovery Wizard

In the next screen, it asks you to select what type of files you want to recover. You can select many different types of files to scan for – graphics, documents, audio, video, email, archive or other unclassified type of files. If you are not looking for a particular type of file, then you can select All types of files and click on the Continue button to go to the next step where you can select the disk drives you want to scan for.

EaseUS Mac Data Recovery Wizard

The scanning of your system may take a short or long time to complete depending on the various factors. When the scanning is completed, you will be shown a list of files discovered on your system. You can select the files you want to recover and click on the Recover button on the top to restore those files. It does not allow you to save your restored files on the same disk as they were recovered from, so as to prevent more data loss.

EaseUS Mac Data Recovery Wizard

However, if you do not find the files you were looking for, then you may have to switch to the deep scan mode by clicking on the Deep Scan icon near the top-edge of the window. In the deep scan mode, it attempts to looks for every bit of data still remaining in any binary mess on your hard disk. The deep scan is slow and based on file signatures it recognizes.

The EaseUS Mac Data Recovery Wizard is a life saving program for Mac users if they happen to have managed to somehow lose/delete their important files. It is completely bloat free and offers an easy to use wizard to recover your files in just 3 steps. It is also available for Windows PC as well.

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