PasswdFinder Helps You Find Lost/Forgotten Passwords

In the busy and fast life of today, we tend to forget many important things due to constantly being under stress. This forgetfulness is not only limited to the usual blackout about your wedding anniversary, but it also covers the inability to remember various passwords for many online services. When you forget your passwords for online services like email accounts, FTP accounts, forums etc., you panic, perspire and feel helpless in general. But there is not much to worry because you can recover your lost or forgotten passwords easily using the free PasswdFinder utility. This freeware tool can recover your saved passwords from hundreds of different applications including web browsers, email clients, FTP clients, instant messengers, VPN clients and many more.

You can get PasswdFinder from the website of Magical Jellybean software, the makers of the popular product key finder utility. The downloaded file is a setup installer which sets up Passwd Finder on your system. In the beginning, it shows up an informational message telling you that PasswdFinder is not going to send detected passwords over to the internet. But if you are concerned, then you can either block PasswdFinder in the Windows Firewall or disconnect your PC’s internet.


After you accept the warning shown, it starts to scan through different applications installed on your system and your Windows registry. The progress is shown on your screen as it finds passwords stored on your system.  At the end, a whole list of passwords is displayed, categorized by the applications in which they are stored. On my system, it found 22 passwords stored in 3 applications.


You can save the passwords in an HTML file, search for passwords or print the passwords list on your printer. In the options, you can choose an interface language and choose to filter the passwords by the software.

Conclusion: PasswdFinder is an easy to use password finder utility and can sniff out lost passwords from a large number of popular applications. It is a very useful tool which can come handy on one of those rainy days when your memory does not seem to work.

You can download PasswdFinder from