Revert System Changes in Windows with Toolwiz Time Freeze

When using your Windows computer, you are always vulnerable to various threats like malware infection, accidentally making undesired system changes and unwanted installation of toolbars etc. In any of these cases, you usually have to go through the trouble of retracing your steps and undo the changes made to your system. But this does not work always and there are some changes that cannot be reverted. If you want to prevent such undesired system changes and malicious threats, then you can use the free Toolwiz Time Freeze software. Toolwiz Time Freeze protects your system from any undesied changes and malicious threats activity at the disk level. It creates a virtual operating system layer over your actual operating system and retains all the changes in the virtual layer – preventing any actual changes being made to your system.

You can download Toolwiz Time Freeze from the Toolwiz website. It is a freeware program and comes only in a small 2 MB size setup program. During the installation, it gives you options to choose a cache size (where all changes are kept in memory), automatically enable Time Freeze on the system partition, and enabling the password protection. Password protection can be a good idea for preventing your kids from misusing Time Freeze.

Toolwiz Time Freeze

After the installation it places an icon (a clock icon) in the notification area and puts a floating toolbar near the top-edge of Windows desktop. This toolbar displays the Time Freeze status (whether it is on or off). You can drag this toolbar to any position you want. If you want to turn on Time Freeze, then you can right-click on this toolbar or on the notification area icon and select Start to start the Time Freeze engine. After this, any changes you make in Windows will be not be permanent and will be erased after reboot.

Toolwiz Time Freeze

Once Time Freeze has been started, you can do anything you want – visit websites in web browser, watch movies, listen to songs or play with Windows settings – all this is temporary as long as Time Freeze is on. In order to stop the Time Freeze engine, you can right-click on the Time Freeze toolbar and select Show Program. In the window that opens up, click on the Stop button. It would show you information that it can only be stopped after a reboot. Proceed for a reboot and after rebooting into Windows, Time Freeze shall be turned off once again.

Toolwiz Time Freeze

Toolwiz Time Freeze makes you system slightly sluggish in performance, but it is hardly noticeable. You may notice memory consuming programs like Mozilla Firefox work a tad slower, but increased level of security at the expense of a little speed is acceptable.

Toolwiz Time Freeze is an excellent way to shield your system against malicious threats and inadvertent changes. It runs your entire system in a virtual sandbox, preventing any accidental or harmful alterations being made to your PC. It is fast, free and boosts your system security level in a single mouse click.

You can download Toolwiz Time Freeze from