Give Desktop a Christmas Look with Snowy Night Theme from Microsoft

Microsoft has released a new theme called Snowy Night which fits the holidays season this year. It gives a Christmas night look to your Windows desktop. It comes packed with thirteen different high resolution wallpapers that can instantly turn your PC to suit the advent season. It is not clear whether Microsoft chose the thirteen number of desktop background on purpose (the number thirteen has special meaning in the Christianity), after all they could have packed twenty five wallpapers for each day of the advent. Whatever is the reason is, you can use the Snowy Night theme to decorate your PC just like you are decorating your home for the fabulous occasion of the Christmas Day.

You can download the Snowy Night theme from the Microsoft website. The download is around 12 megabytes in size and comes as a .themepack file. This file can be installed only in Windows 7, Windows 8 and the newly released Windows 8.1. In order to install this theme, all you have to is double-click on the downloaded file SnowyNight.themepack which  would automatically install the theme and open the Personalization Settings for your Windows desktop.

Snowy Night Theme for Windows

As previously mentioned, the theme installs thirteen desktop backgrounds. If you want you can choose one specific background from the Personalization settings. But you can also right-click on your desktop and select Next desktop background to automatically switch to the next background in the theme.

Snowy Night Theme for Windows

If you are decorating your house, the Christmas tree and your fireplace for the holiday season, then why leave your computer behind. The Snowy Night Theme from Microsoft allows you to embellish your Windows PC quickly with the holiday spirit.

You can download Snowy Night Theme from