Unlock and Delete Locked Files in Windows with File Governer

More often than not, you must have encountered one or more stubborn, locked, undeletable files on your Windows system. These files are usually in use by one or other program in the background and as long as they are being used Windows refuses to delete them. If you know which programs are using these files, then you can simply close those programs and delete the files in question. But this becomes a problem if you do not know which program or module is locking the files. Fortunately, you can use the free File Governer program from NoVirusThanks to unlock and delete such files in just a few clicks.

You can download NoViusThanks File Governer in either setup installer format or as a portable program. If you decide to use the installer format, then it has an extra benefit of Windows File Explorer right-click enhancement to delete the locked files. But in either case, you can use the main GUI for deleting files.


In the main File Governer window, you can select Menu → Search for Locked Files from the menubar to start a search for the locked files inside a folder. The next step involves selecting a folder after which it lists all the locked or in-use files inside that folder. You can see the process that is locking the files as well as the locked object (whether file or folder). Most of the files are locked by the Windows Explorer itself.

NoVirusThanks File Governer

Once you locate the object that you are trying to delete or move, then you can select it, right-click on it and select Handle Options → UnLock in order to unlock that file or folder. After a file is unlocked, then you can delete, rename or move it as you please. But if you want to delete a file directly inside the File Governer itself, then you can right-click on that locked file, select Handle Options → File Options and choose one of the options to delete it, force delete it or delete it on reboot.

NoVirusThanks File Governer

The File Governer program also has quick shortcuts to various system utilities which may come handy if you are struggling with a messed up system. These shortcuts are located under the Utilities menu. You can also configure the File Governer options to add a right-click option in Windows Explorer. This makes unlocking files a tad easier.

NoVirusThanks File Governer

Conclusion: The File Governer program allows you to unlock locked or in-use files and folders easily in Windows. It can also be used to forcibly deleting the files in many different ways (force delete it, delete it after reboot and unlock before deleting it).

You can download NoVirusThanks File Governer from http://www.novirusthanks.org/product/file-governor/.