Atmosphere Lite : Listen to Nature’s Ambient Sounds on Your PC

We all who live in the city often miss the natural surroundings of the country side. The  feeling that a cool breeze blowing through the hair when standing in the middle of a farm can never be had when you are in a pollution filled city. The incessant chirping of the birds and the tender sounds of the natural fountains are certainly more pleasant to the ear than the regular blowing of the automobile horns in the city. If you cannot afford to leave your work and spend some time with nature, then why not bring the nature home? The freeware Atmosphere Lite can bring the sounds of nature to your computer – giving an illusion that you are near an ocean, in a forest, sitting around a campfire and more.

You can download the Atmosphere Lite from the website of Vector Media Software. The download is around 13 megabytes and requires to be installed on your Windows computer. After the installation, you can launch it from its desktop shortcut.

The Atmosphere Lite window shows many presets like deep forest, rainy day, ocean night, thunder storm, night stream, forest stream, dawn chorus, rainforest, ocean’s edge, woodland campfire etc. Clicking on any of these presets will immediately load the settings for that sound scheme and start playing all the sounds as per that preset. To give the preset a more visual effect, it also loads some background images related to the preset – clicking on these images will show them fullscreen and make you feel more closer to the nature. For example, the deep forest preset sound scheme loads some images in the upper-left corner of the Atmosphere Lite window. If you click on these images they go fullscreen and start playing a slideshow of all the images linked to that preset.

Atmosphere Lite

If you want to create your own sound scheme then you can fiddle around with various sounds and change their volume levels. In general there are two types of sounds – background sounds and random sounds. You can select more than one sound in either of these categories and create your own sound schemes. You can click on the Save button to save your sound scheme.

Moreover, the Atmosphere Lite application also comes with an alarm feature. You can click on the Config button to set the time when the alarm will go off and its volume.

Conclusion: The Atmosphere Lite freeware application brings nature’s sweet sounds to your computer. If you are feeling claustrophobic in your small office cube, then you can turn on the nature’s sounds through Atmosphere Lite and feel better in a matter of seconds.

You can download Atmosphere Lite from