Mute Background Tabs in Chrome with MuteTab

Often when you open multiple websites in Google Chrome, suddenly music starts playing in the background. Sometimes more than one sites in the browser start playing music. This is very annoying, especially if you are trying to listen to music on some other site. If you have only one or two tabs open, then you can quickly check which of the tabs is playing the music and close them. But when you have dozens of tabs open, then you have to take the help of extensions like MuteTab. The MuteTab extension for the Chrome web browser allows you to pause, stop and replay the music on any of the tabs at a single mouse click.

You can get the MuteTab extension from the Chrome Webstore site. After the installation, you can see a new music icon for MuteTab in the Chrome toolbar next to the address bar. You can click on this MuteTab to see a list of all the open tabs. For each tab, there are controls to stop, pause or close the music being played.


You can also choose to automatically block the sound from the background tabs which is a very nice feature as you hear the sound only from the current tab. If you click on the small + next to a website in the MuteTab list of tabs, you can see the exact website elements that are responsible to play the sound. You can control the music emanating from these individual webpage elements as well.

In the MuteTab extension options, you have only one option which allows MuteTab to automatically integrate with the scripting on websites to control the music being played. For example, it can manipulate the script on Vimeo or Dailymotion and automatically stop, pause or close the videos being played.


Conclusion: The MuteTab extension for Chrome allows you to have full and complete control on all the music that any of the open websites are playing in the background. You can stop all the music, stop music from selected websites or automatically stop music from all the background websites.

You can get the MuteTab extension for Chrome from