BATExpert : Laptop Battery Information at Your Fingertips

If your laptop/notebook is turning off only after about an hour, then probably your battery is about to go. Every battery has certain number of charge/discharge cycles after which it cannot be recharged to the full capacity anymore and needs to be replaced. But how would you know for sure whether your battery is not giving optimal performance? You can take it to a trained professional who can test is using advanced equipment and digital tools. Or you can use the free BATExpert program that shows you all your laptop battery information instantly.

The BATExpert software is available both as an installer and as a portable application. The portable version is very useful as you can keep in your USB pen drive so you can check any computer’s battery by just plugging in the USB disk and running the BATExpert program.

When you run the BATExpert application, it analyzes your laptop battery and soon shows you the vital information like your battery’s model, manufacturer, its temperature, charge/discharge cycles it has gone through, its health status etc. It also displays the battery’s current charge status, voltage level, whether it is connected to AC, time remaining etc.


If you find that your battery is not giving the voltage output as it should or the health/wear percentage has gone down to less than 30%, then it is time to invest in a new battery. You can click on the  Find New Battery button near the bottom edge of this application to open the Amazon website to look for “laptop battery”. You should look up for the model and make of current battery or a compatible battery.

BATExpert does not come with any documentation or help file, but it is not really needed. You can read all the battery information from the BATExpert window itself and use it to determine whether you need a new battery or not.

You can download BATExpert from