View Time & Weather in Chrome’s New Tab with Currently Extension

The snow is falling down in the USA like never before. Some newspapers mentioned that the temperature in the US has gone down to the same levels as on the planet Mars which is extremely cold during the night. All you can do in this terrible weather is sit inside your warm houses near the heater or the  fireplace and keep checking the weather conditions on your computer or mobile phone. If you are using the Google Chrome web browser, then you can install the Currently extension in it which makes Chrome show the current time and weather in the new tab.

The Currently extension is available from the Rainfall website (the creators of this extension). You can also get it from the Chrome webstore webpage. After the extension is installed in Chrome, you can try opening a new tab (using the Ctrl+T hotkey or by clicking on the small new tab button). The new tab will show you a big digital clock on top and current weather conditions as well as weather forecast for the next few days on the bottom.

Currently Chrome Extension

Near the bottom edge, you would find links to the Wunderground webpage where you can much more detailed information about the current and future weather conditions for your location. There is also an icon “Classic” clicking on which the regular new tab page is opened in the Chrome. Clicking on the gear like icon near the bottom of edge opens the Currently extension settings.

Currently Chrome Extension

In the Currently extension settings, you can choose temperature units( Fahrenheit or Celsius), the time format (12 hours or 24 hours), interface language and your location (it can automatically detect your location, but you can manually specify it too). You can choose whether you want to view the seconds and enable the animation. The text and background colors are also customizable.

Conclusion: The Currently extension for Google Chrome add the current time and weather information to the new tab page in a beautiful format. This allows you to check the current weather conditions and weather forecasts for the next few days just by opening a new tab page in the Chrome web browser.

You can download the Currently Chrome extension from