Clean Garbage and Recover Free Space Using Wipe 2014

The new year has started and it makes sense to start this year by cleaning garbage from our home and office. We should throw away the junk that has been accumulating for months and wipe the objects squeaky clean. And the same is true for our computers as well. If you want to clean all the garbage files in Windows, then you can use the free Wipe tool. The Wipe tool can detect and clean garbage files and other obsolete settings in Windows and other installed applications. The cleaning of these files also ensures your online privacy as it cleans your web browsing history, file opening history and other usage fingerprints.

Wipe can be downloaded from the PrivacyRoot software website. The software is available for free only for the personal use. The downloaded file is a bootstrap and during installation it further downloads many more files. After the installation, you can launch it from the desktop shortcut.

As soon as you launch it, it starts to scan your system for all kinds of unwanted entries, user fingerprints (like web browser history) and other sort of junk files. At the end of scan, it displays how many bytes of electronic garbage is present on your hard disk. It presents you with options to view the details about the found items, view the settings or delete the found items right away.

Wipe - Clean Garbage Files

If you click on the Settings button, you can customize Wipe settings to your own taste or requirements. You must note that some of the settings and options are available only in the paid Pro version. For example, you cannot overwrite files using secure methods – this option is available only in the Pro version. There are many options in the Settings window like Wipe agent, including custom items, run Wipe automatically to clean garbage and so on.

Wipe - Clean Garbage Files

If you click on the Details button, you would be shown all the garbage entries detected on your system. The found items are categorized properly like Dr Watson files, Outlook Express files, Internet Explorer files, Windows files and so on. You can check those items which you want to be deleted. If you mess up selecting items, you can start over by clicking on the Defaults button which selects all items using a default selection.

Wipe - Clean Garbage Files

Finally, when you are ready to get rid of all the garbage found by Wipe, you can click on the Delete button. This would make Wipe create multiple threads for speedy deletion of items in the detected garbage entries. On my test system, it took only 5-6 seconds to get rid of all the garbage.

Conclusion: Wipe is a swift and fast way to get rid of junk files on your system. It works on all versions of Windows and can detect junk files related to hundreds of applications. In addition, it also protects your privacy by cleaning all your tracks like browsing history, file opening history and more.

You can download Wipe from