DexClock Adds Beautiful Desktop Backgrounds with Dynamic Realtime Clock

The desktop background or wallpaper is the second most looked-at object in a Windows PC, next to the desktop clock. Most working people have to keep looking at the desktop clock to see when it hits 5o’clock mark so they can leave the office. So why not combine both these things – the desktop wallpaper and the desktop clock into one? The free DexClock application adds beautiful desktop backgrounds with a dynamic realtime clock to your Windows PC. The clock not only shows the current time but also the day and date.

You can get the DexClock program from the Dexpot software website. The downloaded file is a setup installer of around 4 megabytes. The installer comes with OpenCandy and prompts to install unsolicited software which you may choose not to install during the installation. After the installation, it places an icon in the system tray (or notification area) of Windows. Right-clicking on this icon, you can access DexClock settings or choose a DexClock wallpaper.


In the settings for the DexClock, you can basically choose for it to automatically start with Windows, restore regular Windows wallpaper (if you exit the DexClock program) and show the system tray icon. For better experience with DexClock, all these options should be selected.


If you select Choose Wallpaper Clock from the right-click menu of the DexClock system tray icon, then it will open a window where you can choose from 4 different desktop clock wallpapers – Cheshire Kitten, Kiwi Kiwi, Letter Eater and Squares. You can also select a time format (12 hour or 24 hour format). The wallpaper position and size can also be customized. But there is no option to use your own wallpapers or images for use as clock wallpapers.


If you are not happy with the four clock wallpapers that come with DexClock software, then you can add more. You can download many more clock wallpapers from the Vlad Studio website. The website has hundreds of such clock wallpapers in the WCZ format in many different screen resolutions. You can download these WCZ files and copy them to the DexClock’s clock folder. You can open this folder by right-clicking on the DexClock system tray icon and selecting Open Clock Folder from the context-menu.

Conclusion: The DexClock application adds realtime desktop clock blended into beautifully designed desktop backgrounds. It not only server as a clock but also makes it much more pleasurable to look at the time. It comes with 4 pre-installed wallpapers, but you can download hundreds more from the Internet.

You can download DexClock from