Launch Firefox in True Fullscreen Using FF FullScreen Extension

More and more computers are coming with touch ready screens. The Windows 8 operating system has also facilitated the new trend of the touchscreen desktop and notebook computers. In these touchscreen computers and operating systems designed for these devices, the older input methods (mouse, keyboard etc.) and the GUI access components (like menubar, start menu, context-menus etc) have become obsolete. In the new touchscreens, you want to run the applications fullscreen and make it go at the touch of your finger-tips. Although Mozilla is still busy building Windows 8 ready Firefox browser, but in the meanwhile, you can customize the Firefox browser to launch fullscreen and hide its menubars or toolbars so as to use it on your touchscreen PC advantageously.

Yes, you can press the F11 key in Firefox to switch it to fullscreen. But it does not turn off the toolbars, menubars etc., from appearing in the fullscreen Firefox. You can use the FF Fullscreen extension for Firefox to force this web browser to launch in the fullscreen mode.

FF Fullscreen Extension Firefox

You can get the FF Fullscreen from the Mozilla extensions repositories. After the installation, you need to restart Firefox. As you restart Firefox, it will automatically be launched in fullscreen. If you want to switch the normal mode, then you can press the F11 key on your keyboard. But soon it will again switch to the fullscreen mode. The toolbar and the menubars will also be hidden. if you want to switch to a different tab, then you can use the Ctrl + Tab hotkey. To start a new tab, you can use the Ctrl + T hotkey.

FF Fullscreen Extension Firefox

In the options for the FF Fullscreen extension, you can choose to launch Firefox with fullscreen mode already selected (if this option is not selected, then you have to use the F11 key), you can force full fullscreen mode (this hides the small bar that appears at the top when you move your mouse-cursor near the top edge in the fullscreen mode), choose to hide the tab bar etc.

Conclusion: The FF Fullscreen extension for Firefox forces the true fullscreen mode in this web browser. This is very useful if you want to run Firefox in a kiosk PC or on a touchscreen computer.

You can download FF Fullscreen from