Fullscreen Anything for Chrome Turns Images, Videos & Games Fullscreen

If you find a beautiful picture on a website and want to see how would it look when viewed fullscreen, then usually you have to download it to your computer and open it using your image viewer application that can show it fullscreen (I personally use IrfanView to view such images fullscreen). But all this for viewing a picture fullscreen seems a bit too much. Fortunately, if you are a Google Chrome user, then you can turn about anything on a webpage (like images, videos or online games) into fullscreen mode at the click of a button using the Fullscreen Anything extension.

You can download and install this Fullscreen Anything extension from the Google Chrome webstore site. The extension works offline, so it works on local HTML pages as well. After the installation, you would see a new blue colored icon in Chrome toolbar. Now if you are on webpage, some element of which you want to view fullscreen, then just click on the Fullscreen Anything button in the toolbar as shown in the following picture. You can also use the Ctrl + Space hotkey to the same effect.

Fullscreen Anything

This would highlight all the possible elements that can be turned fullscreen with red colored rectangles. You can click on any of these red rectangles to maximize them to the full browser window. In the following snapshot, I am trying to view the chicken picture fullscreen.

Fullscreen Anything

This would maximize the selected element (whether it is an image, video or flash game) to the full web browser window. Hitting an extra F11 on your keyboard would switch the web browser full screen and so you can enjoy the image, video or flash games on your entire computer screen.

Fullscreen Anything

Conclusion: The Fullscreen Anything extension for Chrome allows you to switch almost anything into the fullscreen mode. With the help of this Fullscreen Anything extension you are able to watch your favorite videos, view images or play online games on your entire screen.

You can download Fullscreen Anything from http://chrome.google.com/webstore/.