IObit Random Password Generator : Generate, Store and Protect Passwords

We all the know the importance of using the strong passwords in various online services. Stronger passwords hinder the hacking attempts in the first stage. They are more difficult to crack or guess. You can create your own strong passwords by following three basic rules – (1) they should be at least 12 characters in length, (2) they should not contain any dictionary words, dates or names, and (3) they should use special characters and numerals. But manually creating strong passwords using these rules is very tough. May be you can put on your thinking cap and create a strong password one time, but the second time it starts to hurt your head. So why not use a program to generate the strong passwords for you? Avoiding the repetitive thinking is why you are using the computer in the first place. If you want to generate strong passwords, then you can use the IObit Random Password Generator.

The  IObit Random Password Generator is not only an ordinary password generator, but it also has features that allow you to store your passwords and protect them with a master password. The first time when you run IObit Random Password Generator, it asks you to create a master password which is needed every time you run this program.

IObit Random Password Generator

In the main IObit Random Password Generator window, you will find three tabs – one for generating passwords, other for storing them and the third one for changing your master password. In the first tab, you can specify the password length, the character set and the number of passwords you want. Clicking on the Create Password(s) will quickly generate the passwords and show them to you.

IObit Random Password Generator

It is capable of generating the passwords of up to 100 total in number. On the password list window, it displays the strengths of the passwords in color. If you are not happy with any of the passwords, then you can click on the Regenerate button and it will display a new set of passwords for you. You can keep generating new passwords until you find the one you really feel comfortable with.

IObit Random Password Generator

In the Password Manager tab, you can add a record (ID, password and a remark) in the database. The strength of the passwords is shown for each of the added record. The passwords are not masked and are readily visible in plain text format. You can print the list of the passwords if you want to.

IObit Random Password Generator

Conclusion : The Random Password Generator program from IObit is a very capable password generator and allows you to create strong passwords for your use. The strength of the passwords is indicated by a color code. It also allows you to securely store your passwords inside its database.

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  1. There is no option to print and keep a copy. So if the computer crashes, everything is lost.

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