JPEGMini : Reduce JPEG Size Without Compromising Quality

After having used my first digital camera (Sony Cybershot), I soon realized that the photos captured by it were very high in detail but at the same time the JPEG files were also very large in size. Some of these JPEG files were as large as 8 megabytes. At that time, I had no choice but to use MS Paint to open each file and save them (without making any changes) to reduce their size. But it is not the best tool to reduce the JPEG files as the picture quality suffers greatly. If you want to reduce the JPEG files size without having to compromise with their quality, then you can use the free JPEGMini software. It uses the zealous compression to reduce the file size without much affecting the details of the JPEG images.

You can get JPEGMini for Windows or Mac from the JPEGMini website. The download is a bootstrapper which further downloads nearly 7 megabytes of files during the installation. After the installation is complete, you can launch JPEGMini from its desktop shortcut. At the first run, you can enter the activation code (if you have any) or choose to run the free version which offers to compress only 20 images per day.


Using JPEGMini is a child’s play. All you have to do is drag-n-drop JPEG files or a folder containing JPEG files on the JPEGMini window. This would automatically make JPEGMini compress the images one-by-one. A progress about the compression rate and how much space has been saved is shown in the JPEGMini window.

By default, JPEGMini is set to overwrite the original files with the new compressed ones. You can change this in the JPEGMini settings. You can open the settings by clicking on the gear like icon near the top-left corner. In the settings, you can choose to overwrite the files (Optimize Originals) or export them to a folder. There is also options to resize the images.


Conclusion: The JPEGMini program specializes in reducing the JPEG file sizes without any reduction in the detail or quality. According to the official JPEGMini website, it can reduce the JPEG file sizes by upto 5 times.

You can download JPEGMini from