Keep Apps Running with Kiwi Application Restarter

There are many applications in Windows that you do not want to be closed ever. For example, if you host your own website on your own computer then you do not want the web server daemon to be closed; if you work with accounting, then perhaps you want the Windows calculator to stay open all the time, etc. If you also have some application that you want to run all the time, then you can use the free Kiwi Application Restarter to monitor those applications and automatically restart them, if they close down for any reason like memory corruption or application crash.

You can get the Kiwi Application Restarter from the Kiwi Tools website. The download is a portable application, so you can just extract the contents of the downloaded ZIP archive to a folder and run Kiwi Application Restarter.exe from that location.

You can add an application to the monitored applications list by clicking on the Add button in the toolbar. In the Add Application dialog, you can choose the application command, command line parameters if any, whether to restart it or just notify you, or both when it gets closed. After this Kiwi Application Restarter starts monitoring these applications and launches them if they are not running. You can add as many applications to the monitor list as you want.

Kiwi Application Restarter

The Edit and the Delete button allow you to edit the application details or remove it from the monitor list. If you click on the gear like icon, then a Process Explorer window opens up where you can see all the processes and services running on your system. You can terminate any process in the list, by selecting it and clicking on the Terminate button.

Kiwi Application Restarter

You can open the Kiwi Application Restarter settings by clicking on settings button near the top-right corner of the Kiwi Application Restarter window. In the settings, you can choose to automatically restart Kiwi Application Restarter with Windows and configure the time frequency after which monitored applications are checked.

Kiwi Application Restarter

Conclusion: Kiwi Application Restarter is a small nifty tool to restart certain applications as soon as they are closed down. It can monitor many applications and re-launches them with pre-specified command line parameters as soon as they are closed for any reason.

You can download Kiwi Application Restarter from