How to Launch Chrome in the Kiosk Mode

The kiosk mode is available for many of the web browsers, including the popular Google Chrome web browser. When a web browser is run in the kiosk mode, it is forced to cover the entire screen area and many of its components gets hidden (like the window borders), you cannot minimize the browser running in the kiosk mode. You cannot switch to another application as long as the browser is running under the kiosk mode. The feature of kiosk mode is very helpful if you do not want the users to access any other parts of the operating system and only the opened website in the kiosk mode of the web browser.

If you want to open the Chrome web browser in the kiosk mode, then you can follow these simple instructions:

  1. On your desktop there would be a shortcut to the Chrome web browser. Select this shortcut by single-clicking on it and then press Ctrl+C followed by Ctrl+V. This would create a copy of the Chrome shortcut on your desktop. You can rename the new shortcut (by selecting it and pressing F2 key) to something like Chrome Kiosk.Launch Chrome in Kiosk Mode
  2. Right-click on the new Chrome shortcut on your desktop and select Properties from the right-click context menu.
  3. In the Chrome properties window, in the Target field, append a space, then -kiosk followed by the website name (enclosed inside double-quotes) that you want to open in the kiosk mode. For example, if you want to open, then the Target field becomes
    chrome.exe -kiosk “”

    Launch Chrome in Kiosk Mode

  4. Now you can click on the OK button to save the new shortcut settings. After this you can launch the Chrome browser in the kiosk mode by just double-clicking on the new Chrome shortcut.
  5. There is no close buttons or menu in the kiosk mode of Chrome browser. So the only way you can close the kiosk mode of the Chrome browser is by pressing the  Alt+F4 hot key.