Use Any Image as Theme in Opera Browser

The Opera browser recently switched to using the Chromium browser rendering engine and since then it is continuing to add one feature after another for all the Opera users. As now Opera works on the Chromium engine, all the Opera users can now add the Google Chrome extension in Opera through a simple workaround. In the recent update to version 19, they have added yet another feature – the ability to use just about any image on any website as Opera theme. So now if you are surfing the wonderful world of the internet and suddenly stumble upon an exciting picture, then you can use it for your Opera browser theme.

Here is how you can use any image on any website as your Opera theme:

  1. First of all you have to find an image that you want to be used for your Opera theme. You can use Google Image search for finding an image or visit a wallpaper website to look for a beautiful image.
  2. Once you find the image, open it in a new tab. Then right-click on the image and select Use image as theme from the right-click context menu.Use Any Image As Opera Theme
  3. You will not notice anything, but changes are made in the background. The image gets downloaded and zipped into an archive format. This archive is then stored in your local Opera settings folder as a theme file. To see the them at work, you can open the start page for Opera by clicking on the Start Page button in the Opera toolbar.Use Any Image As Opera Theme

This new feature lets you use almost any image as your Opera theme. If you later want to get rid of this new theme, then you can type opera://themes in the address bar and press Enter. This will open the themes management  window for Opera where you can find all the installed theme. Here, you can choose the themes that you created using the images and delete them if you want.

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  1. Thanks for this. I was only looking on how to delete themes. The opera://themes was what I needed. I searched for a long time before finding your info. That I can make my own themes was a nice surprise.

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