Remove All Antivirus Products with Antivirus Remover

An antivirus product is essential for keeping your computer virus free. These days antivirus software is available not only for Windows but also for Mac and Linux computers. You can get a free antivirus for your PC if you cannot afford a commercial paid one. All these antivirus products integrate so well into the operating system that it becomes very hard for any malicious program to remove them easily. Sometimes, owing to a mess-up of the settings and files, these antivirus products cannot be remove even when you try to uninstall them. This is why the antivirus security software companies have create removal tools for their products. If you do not want to manually look up for these removal tools on the web, then you can get the free Antivirus Remover program.

The free Antivirus Remover program allows you to download the antivirus removal programs developed by various security companies from one place instead of downloading them from different websites. It is developed by a programmer and member of the Wilders Security forums and can be downloaded from there.

The Antivirus Remover is portable Windows application. You can extract its contents to a folder and run it from there. But as you run it suggests that you should not run it in the normal Windows mode, but in the safe mode (with networking support). It also gives the basic instructions on how to boot into the safe mode.

Antivirus Remover

When you run it in the safe mode (with networking) of Windows, it downloads a list of antivirus removal tools with their links and places them in the user’s documents folder (%UserProfile%\Documents\). In the Antivirus Remover window, you can see a list of all the antivirus removal tools. You should select the one antivirus that you want to remove and then click on the Start button.

Antivirus Remover

This will download that product’s removal tool from the internet and execute it after the download is complete. You can go through the various steps and prompts of that particular antivirus removal tool to uninstall the product. After this you can reboot into the normal mode of Windows.

Conclusion: The Antivirus Remover program allows you to download and run all the antivirus products’ removal tools from one place. This makes it very easy to force uninstall all the supported antivirus products if their regular uninstallers fail to do the job.

You can download Antivirus Remover from Wilders Security forums.