Remove OpenCandy Traces with OpenCandy Cleanup Tool

OpenCandy is a revenue generation technology used by many software developers in their installer programs. During the installation of the software that come with OpenCandy, it offers some extra unsolicited software downloads. This is why many antivirus and anti-spyware programs label OpenCandy as PUP (potential unwanted program). Although OpenCandy does not install anything itself on your system and deletes the temporary files created during the installation, but if you are paranoid about it being on your system then you can use the free OpenCandy Cleanup Tool to get rid of any possible remnants from your system.

The OpenCandy Cleanup Tool can be downloaded from the OpenCandy website itself. The program is a portable application and comes inside a zipped archive. You can extract the contents of the zipped archive to a folder and run OCCleanupTool.exe from there.

OpenCandy Cleanup Tool

The program has a very minimalist and simple user interface – only one Start button and a Cancel button. The Cancel button closes the window as expected. You have to click on the Start button to start the scanning of your hard disk for the OpenCandy related files.

After a few minutes of scanning of your hard disk, the scan is completed. The tool reports that the cleanup was performed successfully. It does not show what it found and what it cleaned. I ran it multiple times on different systems (some clean and some with OpenCandy files manually placed) and it always showed the same message.

OpenCandy Cleanup Tool

Conclusion: Although your antivirus or anti-spyware program will probably take care of OpenCandy files, but if you are feeling paranoid about it then you can use the OpenCandy Cleanup Tool. It can clean all the settings and files related to OpenCandy automatically.

You can download the OpenCandy Cleanup Tool from