Schedule Email Messages in Gmail with Boomerang Extension

While the new generations are using their thumbs on the mobile devices to connect with each other, the old fashioned email messages still dominate the communications world. If you have to send some official message to a company or a government department, then email messages are your ideal choice. And thanks to the browser extension Boomerang, now you can schedule your Gmail email messages too. Suppose you have to send an email message at midnight to someone important, then why stay awake till the clock strikes 12 in the night? You can just use the Boomerang browser add-on to schedule your email messages to be automatically send at midnight. This Boomerang extension works only for the Gmail web service and is available for all the popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.

You can get the Boomerang extension for any of the supported web browsers from its official website. The website automatically detects your web browser and offers to download the relevant extension for you. After the installation, you may have to restart your web browser. Now you can open the Gmail website and start composing a new email message. This time you would see a Send Later button in addition to the regular Send button in the new message window.

Schedule Email with Boomerang

You can compose your email message as usual and select a schedule for sending the email by selecting the Boomerang checkmark and choosing the time at which you want to send that message.

If you want to schedule a reply to someone’s email message in an email conversation (a chain of email messages back and forth to same recipient), then you can choose an action type – send the email if you do not receive any reply after a pre-selected time, if your sent email is not opened and so on.

If you click on the question mark in the Send Later section, then it adds an extra code to the email message which tells you whether the recipient has opened the email or not and if they have opened it at what time they read it.

Schedule Email with Boomerang

What if you scheduled an email message and now do not want that email message to be sent? Do not worry, Boomerang allows you to remove any scheduled messaged before they have been sent. You can click on the Boomerang icon shown next to your name on the Gmail website, and open Boomerang settings or manage your scheduled messages.

Schedule Email with Boomerang

Conclusion: Boomerang adds a feature to Gmail that allows you to schedule email messages. Using this extension, you can schedule email messages to any conceivable time in the future. It can also tell you if the recipients have read your email messages.

You can get the Boomerang browser extension from