Reduce the Size of PDF Documents with Reduce PDF Size

The PDF documents were made popular by Adobe Acrobat Reader in the early 90s. The popularity of PDF documents soared high due to their ability of retaining the same look and format on all systems irrespective of operating systems or availability of fonts. If you create a PDF document, then it will look the same or print the same no matter on which system you process it. When you create the PDF documents the PDF creator application may embed superfluous elements in it and high quality images, making its size grow larger than desired. But now you can reduce the size of PDF files using a freeware application called Reduce PDF Size.

You can get Reduce PDF Size in form of a setup installer. After the installation, you can launch it from its desktop shortcut. The Reduce PDF Size interface is very simple so you do not need any instructions to use it. You can start by adding the PDF files to the application. To add pdf files, you can select File → Add PDF Files from the menubar. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl + A to the same effect.


After your files have been added, you may want to choose the PDF compression settings. You can choose the quality of the output PDF files from the menubar by clicking on Option and choosing a desired quality. If you select higher quality, then the PDF size grows big. If you select a lower quality, then the size of the PDF gets smaller.

Once you have added the PDF files (the size of which you want to reduce) and you have selected the quality options, then you can select File → Reduce PDF File Size from the menubar to start the PDF compression. It asks you to select a folder where you want to keep the output files. It processes one file at a time, compressing the size of embedded images and removing extraneous elements. You can see the progress of every PDF file being compressed in the status bar of the program.

Reduce PDF Size

Conclusion: The Reduce PDF Size is a very simple and easy to use tool to reduce the size of your PDF files. It consumes lots of CPU power during the compression, so if you have a multi-core processor then you are better equipped to use this software.

You can download Reduce PDF Size from