Sound Valley Brings Sounds of Nature to Your PC

The modern day physicians believe that getting in touch with the nature is very good for staying for your health. But in today’a fast paced life, nobody has enough time to go and relax in the nature, listen to the sounds of running water, birds chirping on the branches of trees, feel the Sun on your skin and watch the little squirrels play around. If you do not spend enough time in nature, then you can at least simulate yourself being in the nature by listening to the sounds of nature. The freeware application Sound Valley allows you to listen to hundreds of nature’s sounds right on your PC.

You can download the Sound Valley application from the Grom Works software website. The download is a setup installer of around 40 megabytes. After the installation, you can run the Sound Valley application from its desktop shortcut.

Sound Valley

The Sound Valley program looks like any other media player. It comes with many different scenes (another name for combinations of sounds or sound schemes) but you can also design your own sound scenes. You can click on the play button to start the first scene which is Forest (Day). There are other scenes like Forest (Night), Forest (Rain), Forest (Rain & Thunder), Sea (Day) and Sea (Night).

Sound Valley

You can click on the gear like icon to open the Sound Valley preferences. Here you can choose to start the Sound Valley automatically with Windows and start playing a random scene as soon as it is loaded. This is very useful if you want to get in touch with nature as soon as boot into Windows.

Sound Valley

Conclusion: The Sound Valley application connects us with nature in a virtual way. It brings the sounds of nature to the PC. You can play various sound scenes including forest, rain, thunder and ocean. You can also combine different sounds and compose your own scenes.

You can download Sound valley from