Track Your Hard Disk Health Status with HDDlife

If you have to choose the most vital part of your computer, what would you choose? I personally would pick the hard disk as the most important component of the PC. This is because all the data including the operating system, third party software and your personal files are all stored on the hard disk. If any other component like CPU, GPU, RAM, SMPS or even the motherboard stops functioning, then you can replace them easily. But if the hard disk crashes, then you lose all your important data which values above all the components in the world. This is why we all should keep a close watch over the health of the hard disk and backup our data before it is too late.

The free software HDDlife can help you keep track of your hard disk health and performance. HDDlife is a trial software which turns into a feature-limited freeware version after 14 days of usage. It can be downloaded from the Binary Sense software developers. It needs to be installed on your Windows PC before you can start using it. After the installation, it places two small icons in the system tray which display the hard disk temperatures and their read/write performances in real time.


You can click on these system tray icons to open the HDDlife main window. Here you can see complete details of your hard disk like – model and make, serial number, total size, temperature, work time, health status and performance. You can also view the S.M.A.R.T. data status for each of your hard disks. If you have more than one hard disks, then each of them are displayed in their own separate tabs.


Conclusion: HDDlife is an easy to use free application that can keep a close eye on the health of your hard disks. It shows you the working temperatures, the performance levels and other data related to hard disks. It can also warn you if the temperature or other parameters cross a certain preset value.

You can download HDDlife from