Wise Memory Optimizer : Free System Memory & Improve System Performance

These days new computers are coming with large physical memory banks (RAM) in the order of 8GB and even more. If you have such a computer, then perhaps you do not really have any reason to worry about memory being hogged up by different applications. But if you have a relatively older computer with 2GB memory (or less), then you know how often memory hungry programs like Firefox hang up the system. If you do not want to invest in new RAM or want to improve system performance which is suffering from memory blues, then you can get hold of Wise Memory Optimizer and let it optimize your system memory.

The Wise Memory Optimizer is a free application for Windows. It is available in form of a setup installer for both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. After the installation, a small Wise Memory Optimizer window is launched which shows you the memory size of the installed physical memory, available memory and the used memory. You can click on the Optimize Now button to recover the memory that is being consumed by less important processes.

Wise Memory Optimizer

If you click on the little Settings icon in the Wise Memory Optimizer window, then it will display the settings into the same window by resizing it. In the settings you can choose whether you want to minimize it to system tray, run on Windows startup, clear clipboard together with optimizing the RAM, enable auto optimization and so on.

If you close the Wise Memory Optimizer window (and the setting for minimizing it to the system tray has been enabled), then it will be minimized to the notification area of Windows. You can right-click on its system tray icon and choose to optimize the memory without having to open the main window.

Wise Memory Optimizer

It works really great if you are a Mozilla Firefox user. Though Firefox is a very nice web browser, but it consumes lots of memory and its memory consumption keeps increasing exponentially with time. The Wise Memory Optimizer can recover this memory that is being hoarded by Firefox for some mysterious reason. On my computer, it recovered nearly 50% of the memory and improved the system performance a great deal, without causing any adverse effects.

Conclusion: The Wise Memory Optimizer is an excellent program to optimize your system memory. It helps you free up the physical memory taken up by some less important processes and thus enhances your PC performance. It can be used both in the manual mode and the automatic mode.

You can download Wise Memory Optimizer from http://www.wisecleaner.com/.