AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner Helps Android Run Smoother

The smartphones these days are like mini-computers and they suffer from the same problems as their desktop counterparts. They become targets of malicious programs, they get infected, they run out of memory and also accumulate junk files. If you want to keep your Android smartphone running smoothly, then you have to keep it clean and free of garbage or unnecessary files. The free AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner app can help you clean the junk files, calls or messages history from your Android as well as improve its performance by clearing the cache of processes not really required. It can also be scheduled to clean your Android device automatically.

AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner is available from the Google Play Store and can be installed on all devices with Android version 2.2 and above. The app has a simple interface giving you options to clean your device’s history, memory and calls/messages.

AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner

The cleaning process is same for all of these. You can tap on any of these to open a further detailed account of all the items that are taking up space on your device. You can select or deselect one or more of these items and then tap on the Clean button.

AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner

In a very short time, you will be shown a message about how much space on your device’s internal storage / SD card was cleaned or how much memory was freed by closing the cache processes that were running in the background for no reason.

AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner

In the settings, you can change the colors of the app text (only hardcore AVG lovers would want to do this). You can also setup Auto Clean options to schedule automatic cleaning of your device – you can set the frequency of auto-cleaning and what should be cleaned etc.

AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner

Conclusion: The AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner app is a must for all Android smartphone owners. It can keep your Android device running smoothly without piling up unnecessary junk or running processes that hog your device’s memory for no apparent reason.

You can get AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avg.cleaner.

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