How to Change Wallpaper in Android

As with the desktop computers, the first thing that most of us do when we get a mobile phone or tablet is changing the wallpaper. If you have bought a new Android mobile device or have received as a gift from your family or friends, then you should also personalize it by setting a more personal wallpaper. Android comes with many pre-loaded wallpaper images which are very vibrant and appealing in themselves, but they are all abstract images. You can use the camera in your Android device to take pictures or download images from websites and use them as your wallpaper. Here are some of the methods for setting wallpapers in Android:

1. Set Android Wallpaper From the Home Screen
One of the ways, the option to set the wallpaper can be accessed is from the home screen. Just switch to home screen and tap a little longer on any empty space on the screen. It will soon show you options to choose wallpapers from different wallpaper sets – Live Wallpapers (animated wallpapers), Wallpapers (wallpaper images built inside Android) and Pictures (your own pictures). You can go through any of these galleries and choose the one you like.

Change Android Wallpaper

2. Set Android Wallpaper By Opening a Picture
If you have just snapped your friends, a family members’ or your baby’s picture through the mobile phone’s camera, then you can easily set it as the Android wallpaper. Just open this image from the File manager, press the Menu button on your Android device, select Set As and then choose Wallpaper. This will set that image as your device’s wallpaper after giving you option of cropping and resizing that image.

Change Android Wallpaper

3. Set Android Wallpaper From a Website
If you see a beautiful picture on a website and want to set it as your wallpaper, then you do not have to download and save it first. You can just tap on the target image a little longer and it will show you a menu. You can select Set as Wallpaper from this menu to save that image as your wallpaper.

Change Android Wallpaper

These are some of the ways of setting the Android wallpaper. If you download an image from some website for setting it as your wallpaper, you should keep in mind one thing – always download the picture of same resolution as your device’s screen resolution. This helps in proper setting of the wallpaper. If the image is too large, only a portion of it is shown on your screen. If the image is smaller, then some portion of the screen is left out. But an image with same resolution as your device’s screen fits perfectly.

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