Free PNG Optimizer Can Optimize & Compress Your Image Files

If we have to name an image file type that we encounter on the internet most of the time, then we all would point at the JPEG image file type. Each and every website uses the JPEG images more or less. While JPEG images are widely used on the internet, they are not best in the picture quality because of their compression algorithm. If you want to retain the quality of your pictures to a higher level, then you have to either use the JPEG images without any compression (which means JPEG images of sizes in the order of 5-6 MB) or you can use the PNG images. You can even make the PNG image files smaller using a free compression tool called Free PNG Optimizer.

The Free PNG Optimizer is a freeware application for Windows which can help you compress, optimize and reduce the file size of the PNG images. It can also take many popular image formats like JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP etc., and convert them into the PNG file format.

Using Free PNG Optimizer is child’s play. After launching the application from its desktop shortcut, you can drag-n-drop the image files on to the Free PNG Optimizer window. You can also use the Add Files or Add Folder buttons in the toolbar to add the image files.

Free PNG Optimizer

Before you start the conversion, it is a good idea to change the conversion settings. You can click on the Optimize Settings button to open the settings window where you can choose the optimization level from 1 to 10. You also have to select the output folder, where your converted and compressed image files shall be copied. You can also choose to overwrite the original files, but doing so is not recommended.

Free PNG Optimizer

After this, you can click on the Start Optimization button in the Free PNG Optimizer toolbar and it will leap into action right away. It displays the progress for each of file being converted or compressed. A percentage value of the image file size reduction is displayed in the list. After the optimization is complete, you can open the target folder and access the files.

Conclusion: The Free PNG Optimizer is an easy, fast and configurable image compressor, optimizer and converter. It can take all the popular image formats and convert them into the PNG file formats and compress the PNG files to reduce their size.

You can download Free PNG Optimizer from