Erase Files Securely with Elefant Files Terminator

Are you feeling relaxed after deleting all those secret files that you did not want anyone to see? Well the thing is that deleting your secret files is not going to get rid of them. Deleting files only removes their entries from the file system, their content is not removed. Any person having special file recovery software (like Recuva) can easily recover your deleted files without any effort at all. So if you want to really destroy your files, then you have to your file contents with random data so that nobody can recover them. The free software Elefant Files Terminator can help you erase your files securely using many different secure erasing algorithms.

You can download the Elefant Files Terminator from the Elefant Software website. The download is available both as a portable application as well as an installable program. After installing it in your Windows PC, you can launch it from the desktop shortcut.

Elefant File Terminator

Using the Files Terminator is very easy task. First of all you have to select a secure erase method. There are several methods to choose from – one pass pseudo-random, British HMG IS5, two pass Russian GOST  P50739-95, three pass US DoD 5220.22M, seven pass German VSITR, Canadian RCPM TSSIT OPS-II, Bruce Schneier and the 35-pass Peter Gutmann. The more is the number of passes, the securer is the method but also takes a longer time to finish.

Then you can just drag-and-drop your files or folders on the Files Terminator window. You can also use the buttons to select the files or folders that you want to delete. It will immediately jump into action after an initial warning. The progress bar of all the files being wiped out is displayed.

Elefant File Terminator

If you have already deleted your secret files, even then Files Terminator can help you. The contents of any deleted files exist on the free space of your hard disk. The Files Terminator application can wipe your while free space on the hard disk to erase any previously deleted files content. In order to delete free space, you have to select a drive letter and then click on the Destroy Free Space button. This may take a long time and a progress bar for the process is displayed. It is suggested that you wipe free space only in very critical cases and do not use your PC once the free space wiping has started.

Elefant File Terminator

Conclusion: The Elefant Files Terminator is an easy and fast file shredder software. It uses all the standard file shredding algorithms that successfully can erase your files beyond recovery. In addition to erasing files & folders, it can also securely erase the free space on your hard disks.

You can download Elefant Files Terminator from