Design & Print DVD/CD Covers with DVD Slim Free

Because Linux is regarded as much more secure operating system than Windows, I have installed Ubuntu Linux as a secondary operating system in my PC. Ubuntu Linux is the most popular linux flavors available online. If you also want to install Linux, then you can download the ISO image for the latest version from the Ubuntu website. Then you can burn the ISO image to a CD. And if you want to show off your new operating system to your friends, then you can also print a CD case cover using the free DVD Slim software. This software allows you to design and print CD/DVD and BD covers for all types of optical media sizes.

The DVD Slim software is developed by Elefant Software. You can get the DVD Slim from the website of Elefant Softare. The download is available both as a setup installer as well as a portable application. It can be run on all versions of Windows starting from Windows XP to Windows 8.1.

Using DVD Slim is extremely easy. First of all you have to select your optical media case size which you can select from the CoverType drop-down menu. It supports almost all types of covers that were ever manufactures for optical disks.

DVD Slim Free

Next, you can click on the cover design area in order to select a JPEG image. DVD Slim comes packed with hundreds of CD/DVD cover images for various occasions but you can also select your own JPEG images. In addition, DVD Slim also allows you to search DVD covers on various cover search sites when you click on the magnifying glass icon.

If you click on the red T icon in the toolbar, it will add a text to the CD cover. This can be used to write something on your CD/DVD covers. But this provides basic text function. If you want to add some text, then I suggest that you use programs like GIMP to add text to the JPEG cover image itself.

Printing the cover is the only thing left after you have selected the cover image, cover size and possibly added some text on it. You can print the cover by clicking on the print icon in the toolbar. Make sure you print it on at least A4 size paper, so that the while cover gets printed. After this you can cut out the extra paper from the printout and use the printed cover in your optical media case.

Conclusion: The DVD Slim cover designed and printer allows you to easily print your own CD/DVD/BD covers in only a few seconds. Although the program supports multiple cover sizes, but it is not so good when it comes to editing the cover image. You can use it along with your standard graphics editor to print great looking CD covers.

You can download DVD Slim Free from