JPEGMini Optimizes Your JPEG Files to Reduce File Size

Most of the portable or mobile devices these days come with some sort of digital camera, be it your smartphone, tablet or laptop. And all of these digital cameras take the snapshot and save them in the JPEG image format. The JPEG image quality improves with the increase in the number of megapixels of your camera. So a camera with 14 megapixel will give you higher quality JPEG images compared to a camera with 8 megapixels. But a higher quality JPEG image is also larger in file size. Some of these JPEG files are as big as 15 megabytes. If you want to reduce the JPEG file size so that more images can fit on your memory card or USB key, then you can use the free JPEGMini program. It can optimize our JPEG files and make them smaller in size without compromising on the quality much.

You can get the JPEGMini from the Voralent website. The download comes in form of a setup installer which sets up JPEGMini on your computer. The program is very easy to use. In order to add JPEG files, you can just drag-n-drop them on the JPEGMini window.

Voralent JPEGMini

JPEGMini does not give any options about setting a different target folder. It just overwrites the original files without asking during the optimization, but you can choose to save the original files as .bak backup files. If you click on the options icon near the top-right corner, it shows options about progressive format, removing EXIF data and creating the backup.

Clicking on the Optimize button shall initialize the optimization progress. If you have larger size JPEG files, then it will take a longer time to optimize them. Smaller JPEG files take only a fraction of second to process. The results of the optimization along with the percentage decrease in the file sizes are shown in the JPEGMini window.

Conclusion: JPEGMini can reduce your JPEG file size by re-compressing them without any significant loss to their quality. If you have smaller memory card and want to pack in more images, then you can use the JPEGMini to compress them and make the smaller in file size. It is also useful if you want to upload your pictures on your website or social network sites as smaller JPEG images are easier to upload and view online.

You can download JPEGMini from