How to Set File Associations in Android Devices

So you have downloaded and installed a new exciting app from the Google Play store. But when you tap on a file that you want to open in this new app, it still opens in the old default app? The problem is that you have not set the new app to open these file types. For example, even after you install the QuickPic app, your image files open in the basic Android image viewer app. To resolve this problem, you have to set the image file types to be opened in QuickPic app. The same is true for all other apps and file types.

If you want to set the file associations (which file type is opened by which app by default) in Android, then you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Open File Manager and browse the the folder containing the files that you want to associate with a particular app.
  2. Long tap on a target file type until a menu opens up. For example, I want to associate JPEG files with QuickPic, so I long tapped on a random JPEG file. Select Open With from the options that show up.Android File Associations
  3. Android will show you all the apps installed in your device that are capable of opening the target file type. Select one of these apps that you want to associate with these files. Check the checkbox that says Remember selection. Then tap on Open to continue.Android File Associations
  4. This will set the target file types to be opened with the selected app and open that file in that app as well.

If any later time you want to switch back to the original app, then you can follow the same process and select a different app this time. If you do not select the Remember selection checkbox, then the file will be opened in the target app only once.


  1. When I try to set a kml file to open with google earth, playstore jumps up and says i have no apps that can open kml files and asks if i want to download one. I have already installed earth, so i don’t want t another one. What can i do to stop play from taking over the “open with” function?

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