Keep Your Passwords Secure with Password Safe

Many many years ago when I first started to use the internet, I created many email accounts from all the known service providers at that time. But this created a problem, how do I memorize all those passwords? At that time, I just wrote all the usernames and passwords on a piece of paper and started keeping it in my shirt’s pocket all the time. Then one day, I just could not find the paper slip. I remembered a few passwords but the rest were lost forever. Looking back at those days, I can say that it was the stupidest thing anyone can do to store their passwords. These days I use the free Password Safe program, which can store your passwords by first encrypting them with Twofish cipher.

You can get Password Safe from either the website of Bruce Schneier (a well known security expert and the original developer of the program) or from the sourceforge page of the Password Safe program. The downloads are available as setup installer packages using which you can install Password Safe on your Windows machines.

When you run Password Safe for the first time, it asks for a Password Safe database. You can create a new database if you do not already have one. You have to assign a password to open the database. This password must be memorized by you because without this password the database will fail to open.

Password Safe

In the Password Safe window when a database is loaded, you can start adding your passwords by clicking on the Add New Entry icon in the toolbar. You have to specify a group for your entry, username, password, URL etc. If you want a strong password, then Password Safe has an inbuilt password generator that can automatically fill the password field for you.

Password Safe

When an entry has been added, and you want to copy the username or password to the clipboard (so that you can use it on related website to log in), then it can be achieved from the toolbar. You have to select an entry and then click on the Copy Password to Clipboard button in the toolbar and Copy Username to Clipboard to copy the password and username respectively.

Password Safe also comes with a Password Generator. You can access it from the menubar by selecting Manage → Generate Password. The password generator can create very strong passwords including alphabetic letters, numerals and special characters. It can also create passwords that are easy to read or easy to pronounce.

Password Safe

Conclusion: Password Safe is free tool to store all your passwords. It uses twofish cipher to encrypt your passwords so that only you can access them through a master password. If you have simply too many passwords to remember, then you can use Password Safe to memorize them for you.

You can download Password Safe from