Save Clipboard Content to Files with MokaBot Pastestation

Whenever I shop online, I always save the transaction numbers shown in various steps to image files on my hard disk so that I can tell the customer care helpline all those numbers, in case of a problem. To do this, I first use the PrintScreen key on the keyboard, then I open MS Paint and paste the contents of the clipboard there and finally save the image to a folder on my hard disk.  But this involves many steps and is prone to human mistake. If you want to quickly save the contents of your clipboard to a file without having to open any program, then you can use the free MokaBot Pastestation. It allows you to save the clipboard contents of all types into text or image files at the click of a button.

You can get the MokaBot Pastestation from the MokaBot software website. The software comes in an MSI (Microsoft Installer) package using which you can install it in your Windows PC. The software is written using the .NET 4.0 framework, so you need to install .NET 4.0 redistributables in your PC before you can use the Pastestation program.

MokaBot Pastestation

When run, the Pastestation program sits in the bottom-right corner of the computer screen in form of a widget. As you copy something into the clipboard, be it text material, graphical content (images), files or folders, the icon of the Pastestation widget changes to reflect the type of content of the clipboard.

You can click on the widget and it will immediately show the save file dialog. You can type the name of the file and choose the destination folder to save the contents of the clipboard into a file. The graphical content of the clipboard is saved as JPEG image files while the text content is saved in form of plain text files. This way capturing screen or images becomes very simple.

If you right-click on the Pastestation widget, you can choose to keep the widget always-on-top, run it on automatically Windows startup, clear the clipboard contents, minimize it to the system tray etc.

MokaBot Pastestation

Conclusion: The MokaBot Pastestation widget makes it very easy to save the images and text from the clipboard to the files on your hard disk. It comes very handy when you capture your screen using the PrintScreen key and want to save the captured screenshot to a file.

You can download MokaBot Pastestation from